Transportation Options

How urgent is the delivery turnaround time?
Is cost more important then time frame?
Does the weight of your good per-determine the delivery method?

Determining a goods carrier is influenced by a number of considerations and factors.

Kreston Group specializes in identifying and resourcing optimal transportation means and combinations to best match your business and support your competitive industry edge.

Sea Freight

seaIn regards to international freight and the transportation of bulk goods, sea freight is generally the best option. This mode is ideal for heavy shipments, orders that are regular and predictable and is cost effective when time is not an issue. Understanding shipping terms such as FCL, LCL, Ro-Ro, Flat Rack and Break Bulk shipments can at times be mind boggling, however shipping to Macedonia and abroad can be a less traumatic experience once you understand the terminology and legal requirements or have a specialized body such as Kreston Group working with you.

Air Freight

airWhen time is of the essence and international freight deliveries were needed yesterday, air travel is the ideal option. It is not the most cost effective when bulk shipments are involved, however it does offer greater flexibility and speed. Whilst delivery time frames will usually determine the nature of the travel path required, Kreston Group will customarily include both direct and non-direct flight options in a freight quote where available. This is to ensure our bottom-line saving options are made available to you and that all flight options are considered by your company decision maker.

Rail Freight

railRail is generally the most economical way to transport goods over long distances within a country. In particular, it is ideal for heavy loads and bulk goods such as containers, steel, coal and grains. Kreston Group can organize and oversee your freight delivery on your behalf and will keep you informed of its progress every step of the way.

Road Freight

roadRoad freight is normally faster than its rail counterpart and extends the offering of various road transportation services. Size of goods becomes immaterial as road freight options are available to meet any need, this may include moving a small parcel across the country or large mining machinery interstate. Kreston Group is happy to advise you on what road service best meets your needs.

Through a variety of different methods including: freight auditsoutsourcing possibilities and personal consultationsKreston Group can help determine which transport options and freight companies best suit your business. A consultant is available to offer their professional knowledge and assistance through the contact us page.

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