Every business has room for improvement.

The services we offer at Kreston Group will help you to improve your logistics management, but perhaps most importantly, they will help you to improve your bottom line.

We begin by understanding your business and your needs and then we set about finding a solution for you. Everything we do is customized and we strive to solve the problems others can’t fix.

We’re big on customer service so that means you can expect us to be good listeners, quick to respond, always available and very professional.

Our team truly enjoys what they do. This means they come to you with the right attitude. They are highly motivated and draw their satisfaction from helping you to achieve new business improvements and economies.

We also offer excellent value for money. The small investment you make in us will be returned many times over.

Kreston Group can assist you with:

SME consultations – offering guidance with:

  • transport options
  • freight quote
  • customs broker
  • international freight
  • shipping terms

servicesFreight audits

  • customs clearance
  • freight companies
  • transport options
  • international freight
  • container tracking
  • freight quotes

Transport options

  • air freight vs sea freight
  • FCL vs LCL
  • direct or trans-shipped
  • road and rail


  • flexibility
  • logistics officer
  • freight forwarder/customs broker liaising
  • container tracking
  • international freight

Contact us to discuss your unique needs and allow us to customize a solution for you.