Is logistics your core competency?

No….? What change would you see in your business if you delegated your logistics workload, thus allowing more resources and man power to be invested into your core activities?

outsourcingMartin Luther King Jr once said that ‘we must use time creatively’, and what better way to do this then by offloading the cloud of importing and transportation paperwork that consumes so much of your valuable time. Kreston Group offers companies the ability to act as their personalized strategic partner, removing the stress and time depletion associated with logistics, resulting in increased flexibility and capitalization on the core operations of your trade.

As an independent logistics consultancy, Kreston Group can help clients through all stages of the logistics process. We appreciate that time is money and as such, aim to find the most time and cost effective solutions to suit your business needs. This can be done by investigating and considering avenues such as numerous transport options, freight audits, freight quotes and outsourcing this aspect of your business.

Outsourcing our services and acting as a logistics officer is ideal for businesses who:

  • lack the work load of a full-time logistics staff member,
  • require a person with specialized knowledge to help arrange and guide them through procedures and shipping terms, or
  • are snowed under by logistics paperwork consequently not being able to invest the necessary resources to focus on the core competency and growth of their business.

outsourcingKreston Group is 100% dedicated to monitoring your consignments and strive to customize our procedures and services to suit the needs of the individual.

Business can at times be a fluctuation of peak and slow-moving periods and a full-time investment in a staff member may result in an uneconomical overhead. Outsourcing gives you the malleability to rely on Kreston Group on a needs by needs basis, ensuring that you remain in control of your logistical activities and that money is only spent when required.

The consultants at Kreston Group can help:

  • liaise with customs brokers through the customs clearance process when importing to Macedonia,
  • obtain various freight quotes and arrange international freight with your freight forwarder, as well as
  • assisting with container tracking, shipping terms and many other services your company may need help with.

Kreston Group is invested in establishing long lasting relationships with you. If outsourcing is an avenue you wish to explore further, visit the Contact us page and a consultant will be in touch.

Kreston Group: Committed to the growth of your business